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The Sport 240 Pylon Racers of Florida. Presents....... Sport 240/300 Pylon Racing

My right thumb is pushing the right stick on my transmitter hard to the left while my  left thumb is pulling back on the left transmitter stick.   My 240 is now pulling hard on the # 1 pylon pole.   My knees are knocking……………. yes I can remember it all .    It was in the spring  at a pylon race in Macclenny , Florida.    We were flying in an event called Open Class II,  for  planes 80 inch and having engines 1.8 and larger..    As I continued  flying the plane called Miss Bridget,  a new design by Top Gun fame  Mr. Mel Whitley,   others soon took notice of the 240.     The  group called the   "Wednesday Lunch Bunch,"  the conversation got started on pylon racing that was starting in Madera California.   Little did they know that I was in contact with my old and dear friend  Cliff Weirick,   who was  involved with the new type of pylon racing  that was soon to be tested in Madera Cal.     We decided to start a new class of pylon  in the Gateway R/C club based on the Sport 240.    Some temporary rules were penciled out and one fellow said he could build the planes.  He took  orders for Sport 240s that day.    In a few months we had some planes , some rules and  we were off to the races.      Kits were ordered from All American Kit Cutters.    Others made their own and I cut out 2 kits.    We were set and away we went.    I kept  in contact with  Cliff,  and we set up the first Off  course racing here in Florida,  as we beat Madera in having  the first race off course.   In 1993 we laid out the building rules  (never changed until this year.   Over the years, we have tried all kinds of starts,   pace plane,  first off is pace plane,  draw straws for first off,  race horse starts and staggered starts and various methods of clock starting.    At last  we have a workable starting method (see flying rules)  We strive to meet all AMA rules regarding pylon racing and insist on safety at our field. We have fellows from other parts of the State flying with us and hope others will  join with us.  At the years end we have  what is called the cash/point race, (see scrap book for photos) We award plaques at each race, and they gather points through the year for the last race.   Money is awarded for the  first 3 places in the  Gold and Blue class and for the years winners in  both the  Gold and Blue class.   This year  (2005) we expect to award over $1000.00 dollars,  and as more join in the pot grows each year !

You ask why the sport 240/300 ?  Well it's a  great first giant scale plane, a darn good Sunday flyer, and  IMAA legal.   It fits many occasions and is  relatively inexpensive to build ,  but most off all it is  fun to race and easy to fly.  Try it,  call one of our contact persons and get involved.

If you have comments please sign our GUESTBOOK.    I hope you hear the roar of the engines as the line starter  Says  " Gentlemen START your engines"……..BE THERE










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1st  race               
Completed            Gainesville
2nd race             
Completed             Ocala     
3rd                      Completed             Lady Lake
4th                      Completed             Ocala 
5th                      October  1             Apopka
6th                      November  5         Jacksonville    Year End Race

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